The “Right” Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

The “Right” Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

From details to walking down the aisle we will make sure we capture all the parts of your day.

We speak with a lot of clients who read us questions off silly websites who advise you to ask questions that quite frankly don’t help you at all with your planning process, here are some questions we recommend you ask instead from a Photographer’s perspective: 

Have you worked at a Venue Similar to mine? We often get asked have you worked at our venue which is a good question, but it isn’t the right question.  With so many venues to choose from the question you should be asking is have you worked at a venue similar to mine, often we have whether it be a country club or a hotel type venue.  

What would it be like working with you on our wedding day? Not, What’s your style? We keep it fun! We want you to have the best time possible at your wedding. We’ll act as silly as you need to loosen you up behind the camera and to do what we can to keep the Photography timeline rolling so we don’t lose any time for all the important shots. 

 Do you have a variety of wedding examples we can see? Not, can we see ones shot at our venue. Every day is different as far as weather, lighting and more. These factors can drastically change how we shoot at any one particular venue so to help you see how we work in a variety of instances we suggest you ask for a variety of galleries so you can see how we approach each situation. The Venue itself, while it has some to do with it is often not the big picture. 

How do you cover the day? Not, how many photographers do you think we need. Whether we have 1 photographer or 2 photographers on the day of your Wedding we approach the day mostly the same. The only real difference is with 1 photographer and a larger wedding we will focus more on You, the couple than your guests. We take our clients preferences in mind every time we shoot a new wedding. 


A gorgeous detail shot of finishing putting on the Wedding Dress at a Wedding here in Los Angeles, California.

What determines the final amount of images we get and will the images I get be straight out of camera untouched or will they be color corrected and tweaked to your preferences? We always give a helpful range of photos you may get, it will never be less than the range that we give, but it can be more. We only sort out of the photos that are blurry, doubles or eyes closed. All of our images are color corrected and light corrected, but not photoshopped. 

Are their reviews we can read about you online? Not, can we see testimonials from past clients or talk to past clients. Yes, we have tons of reviews online. You can find them on Yelp, WeddingWire, TheKnot, Thumbtack and Google. 

Do you have equipment backup? What about Insurance? Yes, all of our photographers and videographers have 2 cameras on them at all times and multiple lens and SD cards, lighting etc. We also have liability insurance. 

Capturing fun and unique shots are our specialty! Check out this fun one from a local Los Angeles Wedding.

What rights do we have when it comes to our files? Not, do we get copyright? We give all of our clients the rights to print their photos anywhere they like and as much as they’d like just not for profit. You can also go Social Media crazy and share them anywhere you’d like. 

How do you collaborate to decide what images are taken? Not, can we give you a shot list. We ask you who the important must have people are and we always do our best to get all of those shots, everything else we try to capture in the moment with real emotions. 

We have X Budget. Is there a package we could customize at that price point? Yes, we are always happy to work with our clients to create a package that will best suit your budget. 

Do you have a backup plan in case of an emergency? Not, what happens if you get sick or die? Of course! That is the best part of having a team of photographer and videographers. If for any reason the booked photographer/videographer got sick (which has never happened) we will absolutely get you a replacement from our team. If for some reason all of our team is sick with the plague our Studio Manager Kristina will show up with a camera and do the best she can (thankfully, she is also a Photographer).