The I Do Photography’s favorite Los Angeles Engagement Locations

The I Do Photography’s favorite Los Angeles Engagement Locations

  1. Downtown LA – Disney concert hall is one of Los Angeles architectural gems and  it just so happens to look wonderful in Engagement Session photos.  It has an assortment of locations on the property that create stunning backgrounds for photos, our favorites are the “Hall of Mirrors”, the Spiral Floor tiles, and anything that shows of the unique shape of the building.  With its metallic exterior, it is perfect for capturing unique photos.  As the sun sets behind the skyscrapers and the lights of the busy city come on it adds some dramatic lighting, a photographer’s dream.  

Beautiful Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles Skyline at night makes for a gorgeous Engagement Shoot


  1. Annenberg Beach House – Annenberg features a gorgeous historic house, built in 1920 by William Randolph Hearst for actress Marion Davies. You can just feel the history around you.  What is more Los Angeles than the beach meeting a little piece of Hollywood history? We love taking photos in front of the historic home, along with the beach a few feet away. This location is perfect for those golden sunset hours. 

Annenberg Beach House is a Santa Monica gem for Engagement Shoots.


  1. Santa Monica Pier – Santa Monica with its bright vibrant colors and beach front location is another perfect spot for the perfect LA engagement session. The Ferris Wheel, The Pier & carnival games and hidden spots under the pier where the water meets the shore are just stunning. A unique location that is perfect for the quirky fun couple who wants to show off their personality in their engagement photos. 

Santa Monica pier is a great place to show off your playful personality during your Engagement Shoot.

Play some fun games and get competitive with your fiance during your Santa Monica pier Engagement Shoot.



  1. Will Rogers Memorial Park – Will Rogers Park is perfect for more intimate portraits and semi-formal attire. It’s ornate fountain and tall palm trees make the perfect backdrop of photos of warm embraces and tender moments. Being surrounded by trees with the afternoon light slipping through gives us the perfect setting to play with light and shadow. 

Pretty Fountains and other plush greenery at Will Rogers Memorial Park in Beverly Hills

We love playing with reflections in the fountain at Will Rogers Memorial Park in Beverly Hills during our Engagement Sessions


  1. Venice Canals – We love shooting in urban settings especially ones that feel more private in certain areas. Capturing loving moments amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy Los Angeles area is really special. Venice Beach shoots embody the Southern California lifestyle and can really capture the couple’s personality.  It is the perfect romantic + fun location.  Our favorite spot is the bridge over the canals.  It makes for the most stunning photos. 


Venice Canals is the perfect spot in Venice, California for some greenery meets water shots during an Engagement Session

Show off your playful side with some balloons during your Engagement Session in Venice Beach, California