Los Angeles Wedding Photography prices

Los Angeles Wedding Photography prices

Welcome to our wedding photography pricing page. Wedding Photography Prices in California vary from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. You can probably even find a friend to shoot your wedding for free (which we strongly advise against as we’ve seen the sad outcome of that). Whichever price option you choose, keep in mind that the product you get is usually correspondent to it.

Having said that we also understand that organizing a wedding is an expensive affair and you want to get the most for every dollar spent. The average price for Wedding Photography in the Los Angeles area is over three thousand dollars (even higher for videography) and while we completely understand how these prices are formed, we work really hard to keep our rates a lot more affordable than the average, while delivering the same outstanding quality.
Here are some things you may like to know about us before you get a quote:
  • we edit every single photo, which means the time we spend editing is usually equal or surpassing the time we spend shooting
  • we release all of the printing rights to our images, which means that although you can print your photos through us, you also have a choice of taking them elsewhere
  • we use top-notch equipment and constantly invest in upgrades and creative equipment options
  • we keep backup copies of all of our work stored securely in a safe
To get a quote for your shoot, please fill out the form. To make sure we give you accurate information and to speed up the process, please fill out both required and non-required fields.
If you’d prefer to talk to us on the phone, please call us at 424.313.2999. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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