Calamigos Ranch Wedding Photography - The Oaks Room
Calamigos Ranch, the Oaks Room – Wedding Photography and Videography
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Calamigos Ranch, The Birchwood Room – Wedding Photography and Videography
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Calamigos Ranch, The Redwood Room – Wedding Photography and Videography

Calamigos Ranch, the Redwood Room Wedding Photography

Calamigos Ranch, the Redwood Room Wedding Photography

The Redwood Room is a good choice for someone who likes to have a bit more of an open space for their ceremony but still wants that rustic feel that Calamigos Ranch has to offer. The top the aisle has a couple of steps for the couple to stand on and a large square wooden arbor decorated with curly tree branches. Overall, this space has more of a linear feel than the other Calamigos ceremony spaces.

Ceremony Site of Redwood Room
Reception Area of Redwood Room
Ceremony Flower Decor

The reception space is almost completely made of wood, featuring a beautiful waterfall as a backdrop, located right outside the window behind where the sweetheart table is usually located. A large natural stone fireplace adds to the rustic feel of the place and rightfully so as the Redwood Room is the most historic place at Calamigos Ranch. 

Wedding Party outside of Redwood Room
Guesthouse near Redwood Room is perfect for Groom’s Prep

There are a few different options for the first look and romantic photos apart from the ceremony space, including a little bridge right outside the ceremony area and a beautiful airy metal structure right outside the getting ready room.

Our happy couple after their ceremony at Redwood Room
Couple’s photo session near Redwood Room in Calamigos Ranch

Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of having your wedding at the Redwood Room:

– depending on which step the couple is standing on during the ceremony, it may be somewhat difficult to get over-the-shoulder shots of the couple during the vows.

– the dance floor is located a bit away from the tables, which often makes it harder to get the guests involved in the dancing.

– the all-wooden reception structure will inevitably give a warm feel to the pictures and videos. It can be a plus if you like the photos and videos to be on the warmer side, but it is hard to avoid that if you don’t.

First Dance at Redwood Room

Because the ceremony space is quite spacious, this room allows for a bit more flexibility with sunset lighting and ceremony time than the other Calamigos Rooms, but as the room is still surrounded by trees and it is in a mountain location, sunset here is going to happen earlier than in a vast open space.

Dramatic Wedding Photo At Calamigos Ranch

What Each Room Best For at Calamigos Ranch?

Now that we have had a close look at what the Redwood Room has to offer, let’s see which rooms at Calamigos Ranch takes the cake in each category:

Each room at Calamigos is very unique and different from each other, but whichever room you choose, you can’t go wrong as each is unique and beautiful in its own way. We get excited every time we get a new wedding at Calamigos Ranch!

Epic Wedding Photo at Redwood Room in Calamigos Ranch